7th Grade Reflection

When I first started 7th grade, all I had heard that it was the worst year everyone had so far. A lot of homework, and a lot of mean teachers.

It seemed all anyone cared about was A-team football. I had 3 years of pop-Warner experience. But I knew I had no shot a A-team. But I hoped if I worked hard enough at B-team I could make it. I was working against the A-team about a week before we played O’Henry, I was a outside linebacker with 2 B-team starters and a soon to be A-teamer. We were going up against the A-team running back. The play was a dive up the middle and he was coming and I was going strait at him. I knew I couldn’t  tackle him strait on so I dove at his feet and he tried to hurdle me. Then his foot kicked me and my head bounced like a basketball and immediately I knew I wasn’t okay, and I later found out I had a concussion.

It was about 2 or 3 weeks into school and I just couldn’t focus. It seemed fine but I realized, even though I was at school, I still had to make the work up. As soon as I got back and recovered, it was strait back to the extra homework. In 4 days, I had 4 tests to make up. Everything was slipping.  After the first 9 weeks I still couldn’t catch up. But at winter break I caught up with all of the truck loads of home work.

In conclusion seventh grade was as bad as everyone said. All the homework was more than I have ever had.

Teething Puppies

My new puppy, Ivy, is at a major teething stage. Her teeth are at the sharpest point. But she chews on people and if she doesn’t her a scream from pain, she will bite harder and harder with her jagged teeth.

I personally think she likes piercing ears and puncturing arms and legs. I just hope this stage will be over before I bleed out.

Favorite poem

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_RPh3XNpJ01c/S8U0y9sitNI/AAAAAAAAAN8/8DsTLZoSPFQ/s1600/Baseball1a.jpgCaptain. “Baseball.” Captainpoemsblog.com. N.p., n.d. Web.
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I like this poem because it talks about how American baseball is.

Week 5 world blogging challenge

When I was a little kid, I just couldn’t do without my little whiffle ball glove. It was one of my favorite toys. It had a brown outside with black on the inside and a brown and black checker webbing. Whenever I played with it, I automatically became the greatest pitcher in the world.

I love that glove till death do us apart. I still have it, I think, but I still have all of the great memories.

A day at home

I would love to have day at home, my favorite place in Austin, I would have so much fun. If I got to stay home for one day with no parents and I could do anything I would do everything I could.

First I would wake up after I slept in. Then I would eat a big breakfast including bacon, my favorite, sausage, eggs, scrambled with cheese, cinnamon toast, and peanut butter captain crunch.

After I ate I would start both of my motorcycles. Then I would ride my older one. My older one has a black paint coat, and she looks more like a regular chopper, and I named her Betsy. I would pull her around to my homemade track and take off like a bottle rocket. I always love riding my bikes. They just help me clear my head. Sometimes, because I’m a nerd I like to announce myself. After I get bored with laps on Betsy I pull over and start riding Coleman. Then I would ride on my little drag strip.

After I would go inside and play with my dogs Mr.Noodles, my 54 pound dog, and Ivy, my 3.5 pound puppy. Then I would curl up on my couch with both of them and go to sleep.

I would wake up to a burgers and fries. The burger. Would have lettuce tomato bacon and American cheese. I would have fries that are thin and not crispy. Also I would have a large chocolate shake.

After all of that I would have to call it quits because that would be enough action for one day. But it would be a great day at the best place in Austin.

My new puppy

My new dog,Ivy, is 2.5 lbs. She is the runt of a litter that’s biggest dog was 3.9 lbs. My grandpa said he wanted a boy and lucky for him there was only one boy. He decided to name him Moose.
There were 8 in all and boy, my aunt had to find homes for all of them. Luckily she did.

My Mini-Bike

“Who’om Who’om” The sound my engine makes as I rev the engine warming my 200cc mini-bike up. She gives me great feed back. I turn the choke off, and we cruise around the corner and on to my homemade track and I race off like a pro. Motorcycles are fun.

One reason riding my motorcycle is fun is you’re always on edge. I mean you could wreck at every second. One minute you’re going one handed the next you hit a big rock, and you’re lying there with a burning hot engine on your leg. But you can never get cocky, and you must always have control of the bike. The fun is in the risk.

The other reason I like my motorcycle is you can add a lot of things to make it custom. You can add a tork converters to gain a lot more speed. No two bikes are the same. One might be an off-road racer and another could be a street cruiser. You can add stickers to make it look like any thing you want. Maybe you want to go old school with a moon eyes, or maybe a Rat fink sticker. A custom bike makes riding fun.

Riding motocycles is exhilarating! I’m taking off on my mini-bike whenever I have time. It’s a blast.

Super Bowl

I think that the Denver Broncos will beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

I think they will win because they are a much more experienced team. The weather will be cold and Denver is a colder place than Seattle. On top of that Denver has Peyton Manning a first ballot Hall of Famer. Plus you win by putting points up and Denver has the number one ranked offense.

The Seattle Seahawks have a good defense, in fact the number one defense, but you don’t score much by defense. Sure they have Lynch but one or two good offensive players is not the number one offense. In a couple of years when they have experience, that is when they will win the Super Bowl.

World blogging challenge week 2

“Robinson, I’m looking for a ball player enough not to fight back”
This is what Branch Rickey, the GM of the Brooklyn Dodgers, said to Jackie Robinson, the first African American to stick in the MLB. This what was said around the time of the contract signing.
This quote to me means that it is easier to fight the enemies than it is to turn away and shrug it off.


This summer I went out of state for the second time in my life. I went on a baseball trip to play in the Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament where I was inducted into the American Youth Hall of Fame, and I got a really cool ring that was blue. The fields were just amazing, only 200 ft. I also made 6 putouts in one game. I had so much fun on this trip.